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If you're a registered company, fill in the form below to learn more about distribution opportunities.

In the land of quality, control is king.

Each and every Satijah ingredient is controlled and certified by independent laboratories.




Each 10mL bottle contains 50mg premium CBD, whose concentration is certified by an independent laboratory.

We crafted our formulation to make sure Satijah provides the best vaping and hemp experience possible.

Five fantastic flavours, from Natural Hemp to strawberry. All of them  nicotine-free!

From hemp experts to vapers, with love.

We have been cultivating hemp since 2011. It took three years of farming and strain selection to develop the techniques and plants that would come to make Satijah possible. We now work with family owned farms throughout Europe to ensure only natural, organic hemp, from legal strains.

Certified hemp origin and strains

Extraction and formulation

Quality is in our DNA

We have tested several extraction types, and have worked with the best laboratories in Europe to ensure a perfectly THC-free formulation. We provide a steady guaranteed CBD concentration with tasty flavors.

Our team has 10+ years of experience in hemp science and product design. We believe quality control is the key and we analyze each batch to certify their quality and safety.

There's more than meets the eye. Here is where Satijah comes from:

Simply the best hemp e-liquid